auto_zoom Option#

A boolean that determines does the plot automaticaly change the zoom of plot or not. Versus plot animation that user by pausing button can set the desired zoom, in RealTimeObj it is not possible during the analysis change the initial zoom. So, for large displacements, the figure zoom will changes if this option was set to True. (Default=True)

Example for auto_zoom=False#
import openseespy.opensees as ops
import BraineryWiz as bz

#codes of creating OpenSees model

numberOfSteps=100    #Imagine the number of steps that want to be recorded are 100 steps

bz.RecorderReset()   #Reset the recorder to prevent adding new steps (slides) to previous recorded slides

for i in range(numberOfSteps):

     ops.analyze(1,0.01) #One step analysis
     bz.Record(auto_zoom=False)         #Record the analyzed step