Nodes_color_tag and Nodes_color Options#

Using these options, user becomes able to change color of nodes. Nodes_color_tag is list of Nodes tag that user wants to assign a different color to them. Nodes_color is list of colors of corresponding nodes tag defined in Nodes_color_tag.


Example for Nodes_color_tag and Nodes_color to set color of nodes with tag 1 to 10 equal to colors defined in following#
import BraineryWiz as bz
colors=['black', 'blanchedalmond', 'blue', 'blueviolet', 'brown', 'burlywood', 'cadetblue', 'chartreuse', 'chocolate', 'coral', 'cornflowerblue', 'cornsilk', 'crimson',]
# ...
# Create the OpenSees model
# ...

# Call PlotModel command (Using :ref:`sizing options <plotmodelnodesizepy>` for better plot size of nodes increased)
bz.PlotModel(plotmode=1, Nodes_color_tag=[i for i in range(1,11)], Nodes_color=[colors[i] for i in range(1,11)], Nodes_Size_tag=[i for i in range(1,11)], Nodes_Size=[15 for i in range(1,11)])