show_constrained and not_show_retained_list and constrained_size Options#

Setting show_constrained equal True will cause to plot the retained and constrained nodes connected to each other. constrained_size enable users to determine the size of lines and costrained and retained nodes. By defining list of retained nodes tag and assign to not_show_retained_list, the nodes that their tags are mentioned in the list and nodes that are constrained to them won’t be shown using show_constrained. (Default: show_constrained=True, not_show_retained_list=[], constrained_size=6)


Example for show_constrained=True, constrained_size=6#
import BraineryWiz as bz

# ...
# Create the OpenSees model
# ...

# Call PlotModel command
bz.PlotModel(plotmode=1, show_constrained=True, constrained_size=6)