Record() Command#

This command is for recording the current step analyzed data and add them as a slide to previous recoded data.

The structure of the command#
import openseespy.opensees as ops
import BraineryWiz as bz

#codes of creating OpenSees model

numberOfSteps=100    #Imagine the number of steps that want to be recorded are 100 steps

bz.RecorderReset()   #Reset the recorder to prevent adding new steps (slides) to previous recorded slides

for i in range(numberOfSteps):

     ops.analyze(1,0.01) #One step analysis
     bz.Record()         #Record the analyzed step
  • recorderfilename option [Record(recorderfilename=’BrainRecorder.txt’)]

    using recorderfilename option the filename of the recoding data can be changed. User should know that if except of default filename, another name be selected, then the selected filename also should be define for PlotAnime command using recorderfilename, option. (Default=’BrainRecorder.txt’)