BraineryWiz can be installed using pip as shown in the following:

pip install BraineryWiz

Windows users use above command in command prompt (cmd) and Anaconda users use it in Anaconda Prompt. After instalation import the BraineryWiz library into your code as shown in the following:

import BraineryWiz as bz


Currently BraineryWiz does not work on Linux. Sorry fo that. Soon we will solve the problem and make it accessible in the mentioned system.


BraineryWiz now has been compiled for multiple versions of Python. Currently Python version 3.11.5 and Python version 3.10.4 highly recommended for latest version and BraineryWiz is compatible for both of them. If you are not using Anaconda and you prefer to use python older versions and you encounter with problem for importing BraineryWiz, you can try older versions of BraineryWiz:

pip install BraineryWiz==0.91